Do You Know What Vaping Is

No, vaping is not some new exotic drug that you take to get high. Vaping is the inhaling of a nicotine liquid vapor that those who use an electric cigarette do. It is similar to smoking, only there is no real smoke involved. Real tobacco smoke comes from burning the tobacco and paper in a traditional cigarette. When you use an electric cigarette there is no burning of anything. The filter of the device has a nicotine liquid that is heated by a small metal object called an atomizer. In short, it is a tiny heater. The air is pulled through the atomizer and is warmed. This warmed air is then pulled through the filter to the nicotine liquid and heats it up. This is what makes using the e-cigarette give the similar sensation of smoking.

Electric cigarette users refer to this process as vaping because that is what they are inhaling instead of carcinogenic smoke, vapor. The vapor is made up of nicotine, water, flavorings, and some other things that are safe to use. This is what the biggest differences are between using this product and smoking tobacco. The ingredients are not the deadly substances that can be found in tobacco. Most researchers agree that it is a much better choice to use the electric cigarettecigarette rather than burning tobacco. The cost is not so bad either. The average tobacco smoker can save about half of what they normally spend by using the e-cigarette instead.

Other great aspects about this device is that since you do not light it up, there are no ashes. There is no secondhand smoke. There are no butts to throw away because many e-cigarette users buy there own nicotine liquid and refill the same filters. This is great because it can eliminate the millions of discarded tobacco cigarette butts that people mindlessly throw down in places that they should not. You will probably only use one filter per day because it is almost equivalent to a whole pack of cigarettes and if you refill that same filter, there is no need to throw it away.

While it is not yet legal to use the electric cigarette everywhere, there is no real secondhand smoke to worry about. The reason that this product is not allowed in most places yet is because most people are very uncomfortable when anyone does anything in public that so closely resembles smoking. Hopefully, in the future, it will be alright to use your electric cigarette anywhere, but that will only come when people have been educated with the knowledge that it is supposedly not harmful to them and that it is not the same as smoking.

quit smokingIn the meantime, you can use the device as a great replacement for tobacco smoking and you do not have to worry about it causing odor and staining in your home or car and you will enjoy the convenience of using this product as well as the money you can save.